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If you want to build chest muscle and upper body strength, which is better? The bench press or push-ups? Can you skip the bench press but still build a muscular chest?

First off, we need to define what a “big chest” looks like. If your ideal or goal is to step on a pro bodybuilding stage then you absolutely need to perform a variety of chest pressing-incline, decline, dumbbells, and barbells.

But what if you want to look good on the beach? Can push ups alone build chest muscle faster than the bench press?

What activates more muscle?

At face…

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Joint pain is loosely defined by the Mayo Clinic as any “discomfort, pain or inflammation arising from any part of a joint including cartilage, bone, ligaments, tendons or muscles”. It’s something we all inevitably experience. Even if we just sat on the couch our entire lives, that itself would give us joint pain from inactivity and maintaining a singular position! (1)

The goal is to improve several factors to reduce the severity or length of time that we have joint pain. We all get older and depending on how active or inactive we are, we might contribute to our joint…

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Testosterone is a very appealing hormone. Hollywood used to market testosterone as sexy and powerful. Magazine ads used to sell clothing based off how they would increase our testosterone appeal. Professional athletes used to have a “dirty” secret.

These days we understand how important testosterone is for a healthy male and female. Men’s health begins and ends with your testosterone levels. Everything from your body composition to sex drive is impacted by your testosterone levels. While medical low testosterone is a real problem, how many men are operating with lower levels of testosterone and don’t know it?

Fortunately before we…

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As a lifelong athlete, I discovered the benefits of a struggle early on, and it only increased as I got older. I like myself and enjoy my day more if I’ve struggled physically. Weight lifting, martial arts, or running seem to do the big trick for me. If I just did something hard, then the rest of my day was easier. Yet, I’ve found that running seems to produce the biggest benefit.

Running is a community thing

Maybe you run alone, but you are listening to a podcast. Maybe you’re like me and run while listening to a podcast in…

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Healthy testosterone levels lead to healthy body composition, improved mental health, regular sexual function, and improved longevity among other things. That also means that low testosterone levels are problematic. Invariably we know that our testosterone levels begin to dip around the age of 30. While we can’t control that we get older we can control several other key testosterone factors

-Our gut health
-Our body fat and muscle mass
-Our diet
-Our exposure to chemicals and toxins
-Our stress levels
-Our sleep quality
-Our exercise.

Low testosterone is a serious medical condition that can lead to body fat gain, balding…

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Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a disabling condition where your digestive tract is inflamed, your gut barrier is weakened and you just don’t feel like you used to. As a result, your body can not effectively digest and break down your food to extract nutrients. Not only do you then get bloated after a meal but you may notice changes in your bowel habits even to the point where you have diarrhea almost instantly after a meal. You become anti-social, afraid to attend parties. Your relationship with food worsens.

Sadly, irritable bowel syndrome is very misunderstood and often is a…

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It happens almost every time you eat. Seemingly, there’s no reason why but it leaves you in a panic. You worry about your surroundings and have to cancel your social plans. You’re at your wits end.

IBS or irritable bowel syndrome is a constant and recurring digestive condition that describes a sudden change in your digestive health, motility and lower or upper gastrointestinal pain. IBS is not an organic disease in that medical doctors are often looking at a variety of symptoms with no specific medical tests or prescription protocols to address the issue.(1)

Yet those who suffer from it…

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Irritable bowel syndrome is an often debilitating condition that leaves you questioning your social life, food intake and ability to enjoy your day. Unfortunately IBS is not an organic disease, there are no tests or prescriptions drugs to treat it, only the symptoms of IBS are known. These symptoms include the following

-Sudden changes in stool motility
-Abdominal pain
-Being bloated, gassy and feeling distended immediately after a meal

There are also indirect IBS symptoms including
-Constant headaches
-Anxiety and depression
-Fatigue and lack of energy
-Skin rashes and increased appetite (as your body isn’t digesting food properly)

IBS has…

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When it comes to building a muscular chest, the hottest debate in the bodybuilding world is which movement works better, the incline or flat bench press. While each exercise does work both the “upper” (clavicular) and “lower” (sternocostal) head of the chest , which is superior for building a more muscular chest?

Major Differences Between The Incline And Flat Press

Before I begin I would like to point out that this information applies to barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell and any other type of pressing. The only difference is varying ranges of motion.

Traditional bodybuilding knowledge has it that you should favor…

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We’re all going to age, that’s not a question. How we age, however, is entirely up to us. Rage against the dying of the light as the old saying goes. Negative people who have gotten lazy in their own fitness will happily remind you that you’re getting older any time you’re injured. People that ignore their diet will delight in any weight gain you’ve had during a busy season.

That’s for them, not us. What can you do as you age to maintain your current level of fitness? That’s where all our focus needs to be.

Eat More Protein…

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